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The three things that will turn a new house into a home

You are all grown up and ready to move into your own home. You have signed everything that needs signing and you are counting the days to finally being independent.

But a house needs furniture and furniture can be expensive! So there are some tough decisions to make.

Woodenways’s own interior designer, Sunel Grote, has a few pointers to help you through the decision-making process.

“I will start with three things: a couch (and may be an occasional chair or two), a quality bed, and outdoor furniture (that can double-up as dining-room furniture),” she says.

Couches and chairs

A good couch can last a really long time, so it is worth spending a bit of extra money on.

“The frame of a Woodenways couch is guaranteed for a lifetime and we can custom-make any couch for you. All couches are available in a variety of styles, finishes, fabrics, and leather. And where we use leather, we use genuine leather all over.

“We have more than 100 different fabrics available, so with a Woodenways couch, the sky is the limit.

“The current trend is grey couches with square arms. Everything leans towards simplistic and minimalistic,” Sunel says.

However, Woodenways still offers a range of more classical styles of couches and chairs in dark wood for customers who prefer such a look.

Beds and mattresses

If you keep in mind that you spend around eight hours per day on your bed and that a good bed can last up to 10 years, you would probably realise that the clever thing to do is to buy the best bed you can afford.

“I would say a good bed is even more important than a good couch. You spend more time in bed than you spend on your couch,” Sunel says.

Quality beds mostly have pocket springs and are described as “orthopedic”, meaning that it supports your spine. Pocket-spring mattresses are made up of hundreds of individual tempered springs, standing upright inside individual sleeves or “pockets”. Layers of comfort-foam padding sit on top of this spring system, making for a comfortable, supportive mattress.

“Woodenways is very proud to stock the Simmons brand of quality beds. The brand belongs to an American company, but is manufactured in South Africa. Stringent quality measures apply and we know that we can trust the brand and recommend it to our customers,” Sunel says.

Outdoor furniture

Living in the Lowveld means living outdoors. And considering the amount of time spent outdoors eating, braaing, swimming, and entertaining friends, the investment in good-quality outdoor furniture is more than worth it.

“Woodenways offers a funky, multi-coloured range of polypropylene furniture with durable, washable cushions in a variety of styles,” Sunel says.

The look of outdoor furniture can be updated by using different cushions, carpets and pots.

And it is perfect for dinner parties on balmy summer evenings.

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