Wednesday, 20 October, 2021


Pro-Life going strong despite Covid-19 setbacks

How the staff of Pro-Life Pet Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre kept the organisation running for 10 years is nothing short of a miracle.

During their most recent annual general meeting held at the end of last month, they discussed how they managed to not only keep their doors open, but keep growing despite setbacks as a result of Covid-19.

Karin Erasmus, the founder and chairperson of Pro-Life, touched on a variety of topics, but mostly focussed on the growth they experienced in the previous year.
The centre had to come up with innovative ways to raise funds since many shelters were in danger of closing due to Covid-19. She proudly stated that they welcomed a new veterinarian and had no staff turnover in the last year.

“The staff was really there for the animals during Covid last year,” she said.
Financially, Pro-Life did remarkably well during this period and, thanks to many donations, their unique online auctions and minimal expenses, they can now start talking about building an emergency fund for the future.

“We focussed and will still focus on maintenance and improvement of the facilities, rather than unnecessarily expanding,” Erasmus said.

Karin Erasmus, the founder and chairperson of Pro-Life

The animals the centre cares for remain the most important focus and Pro-Life did not only have financial growth, but also a growth in the number of adoptions (504), rescues (471) and sterilisations (533). They only had 14 mortalities in comparison to 34 mortalities in 2019.

“Although many community members are willing to foster animals, they are not always financially able to adopt them. The centre saw it fit to accommodate the community by offering some discount on their adoptions if the animals had been fostered by the same people. This led to 80% of the foster animals being adopted, giving them a loving forever home,” Erasmus said.

Erasmus thanks her team for their hard work and it is clear that they will keep doing what they love, because of their love for the animals.

Without the support of the community, their good work would have never been possible, and they encourage members of the community to please keep supporting them with donations or fostering/adopting a pet.

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