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Pivot Psychology helps people thrive through change

White River-born and -bred Kathy Knott, a counselling psychologist, encourages people to take a moment in time, pause, reflect, and decide on what they want for their future.

Kathy mainly focuses on working with adolescents, adults, and couples who have hit a rough patch in life and are having trouble dealing with their current mind space.

“The majority of my clients are people going through a difficult time, whether it is dealing with loss, relationship issues, anxiety, depression, or career-pathing issues,” Kathy says.

Although Kathy was trained in multiple theoretical frameworks, her passion lies in narrative psychology. “Narrative psychology is all about looking at your past (who it shaped you to be) and your present (where you are in life right now), and using those to shape the future you want for yourself,” she says.

Kathy aims to equip people with the knowledge of how to use a pause in the moment to look around and plan your next move in life.

Pivot Psychology for me encapsulates that movement in a game where you see the ball coming, you catch it and then pause, strategically taking a moment to assess your next move.”

Kathy spent close to 11 years of her career in Johannesburg working for a big psychology consulting firm and later setting up her own private practice.

Five years ago, Kathy settled in the Lowveld once again with her husband and two girls and moved her practice to White River.

“The Lowveld has always been close to my heart and it fills me with so much joy that my girls get to grow up in the same environment as I did. It is so important to me to be part of this special community,” Kathy said.

Although it does not fall under Pivot Psychology, Kathy spends some time at White River Manor working with patients who are focused on their recovery and regaining their wellness.

“My goal is to enable people to take back their lives by becoming the narrator of their own story and ultimately the curator of their futures. It is about turning one’s baggage into luggage,” said Kathy.

The triskelion in her logo is a symbol of “constant forward motion in the endeavour to reach understanding”. Kathy believes that change is a constant in our world, and our goal should be to “thrive through change”.

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