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Pediatric Care Africa facilitates life-changing surgery for little boy

Pediatric Care Africa has recently been involved in one of the most complex surgeries in its existence.

The surgery was a success and the quality of life of the little patient, who was born with Hirschsprung’s disease, will be greatly improved.

According to Dr André Hattingh of Pediatric Care Africa, the boy, who is only three years old, was very brave going into surgery and held on to a handmade teddy that was given to him.

Dr Elliot Motloung, a well-known paediatric surgeon and head of paediatric surgery at Rob Ferreira and Kiaat Private Hospitals, performed the surgery with the help of two surgical colleagues, who flew in especially from Durban.

Dr Hansie Mangray and Dr Sanele Madziba are renowned paediatric surgeons from Pietermaritzburg.

“We want to thank them for flying all the way to Nelspruit to help our little boy. You are heroes to us.

“The entire team at the paediatric surgical ward was amazing and worked as a well-oiled team to ensure our boy is very well taken care of. After all, it takes a village to raise one child and an angel to nurse one back to health,” Hattingh says.

Hattingh thanked Dr Motloung on behalf of everyone at Pediatric Care Africa.

According to the Mayo Clinic, Hirschsprung’s

(HIRSH-sproongz) disease is a condition that affects the large intestine (colon) and causes problems with passing stool. The condition is present at birth (congenital) as a result of missing nerve cells in the muscles of the baby’s colon. Without these nerve cells stimulating gut muscles to help move contents through the colon, the contents can back up and cause blockages in the bowel.

A newborn who has Hirschsprung’s disease usually cannot have a bowel movement in the days after birth. In mild cases, the condition might not be detected until later in childhood. In rare instances Hirschsprung’s disease is first diagnosed in adults.

The disease is treated by means of surgery to bypass or remove the diseased part of the colon.

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