Monday, 6 February, 2023


NTT Toyota White River is back and ready to help

After two really bad years for the motor industry in general, and more localised issues for Toyota SA, NTT Toyota White River is back.

Covid-19 and its lockdowns, and more specifically the unrest and looting in KwaZulu-Natal, as well as the flooding of its factory close to Durban, caused quite a bit of pressure of Toyota. Toyota Japan described the flooding as the biggest crisis to hit the company worldwide.

“But we are back,” says Johan Venter, dealer principal of NTT Toyota White River. “We have exciting new models for our buyers, and our dealership is literally shining and bright.”

The dealership was recently revamped to conform to Toyota SA’s latest franchise standards.

“The Corolla Cross, the Corolla Hybrid, the Corolla Cross Hybrid and the Rav4 Hybrid ring in a generation of cleaner energy and the exciting GR-series of performance vehicles – the GR Yaris, GR Yaris Rally, and the GR-Sport options in the Hilux line-up show that we are back and ready to provide our customers with an interesting range of models.”

NTT Toyota White River has an Automark under the same roof, specialising in clean and reliable pre-owned vehicles.

“We have always gone all the way to serve our customers’ needs,” says Johan. “We have two sales managers – for new and pre-owned – and 10 sales executives.

“We have a full-service centre that can perform authorised services and repairs to any Toyota vehicle even as big as the 500-series 8-tonne Hino trucks. Our nine trained technical personnel under the able management of Ewald Engelbrecht will see to your vehicle’s technical needs.

“Criska Davel heads up our authorised parts division and her staff of four specialists not only serve our service centre, but also customers who might want to buy spares.”

For more information on NTT Toyota White River, check out their website or call them on 087 286 2400.

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