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Lowveld entrepreneur proud owner of ‘lifestyle magazine without borders’

Embark on a journey with Muse, a captivating lifestyle magazine born to inspire.

This vibrant publication celebrates the essence of South Africa, weaving a tapestry of uplifting, intriguing and downright exciting tales.

Whether you are a culinary connoisseur eyeing Taste Magazine, a design enthusiast drawn to Visi, or an adventurer hooked on Getaway, Muse effortlessly encapsulates the best of all worlds within its pages.

Dive into the riveting world of Muse, where each edition unfolds a rich tapestry of content across its pillars: Review (unveiling the latest and greatest in style, fashion, kids, technology, décor, literature, and wellness), Design (exploring architecture, art, and design profiles), Feast (indulging in the world of food and wine), Wanderlust (discovering the beauty of South African destinations), and People (spotlighting inspiring individuals who dazzle, captivate, and leave us in awe).

Starting my own magazine has always been my goal, and after losing my job during Covid, it was the kick in the butt I needed.

Nicky McArthur

Established in July 2021, Muse Magazine is the brainchild of Nicky McArthur, an industry veteran with an impressive editorial background. 

This woman-owned-and-run small business is based in the picturesque White River, Mpumalanga, but spreads its creative wings across South Africa through its bi-monthly editions in print and interactive digital formats.

Her success with the magazine led to her being nominated for the South African Council for Business Women (SACBW) recognition awards.

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“I joined the SACBW (such a mouthful) many years ago when I worked elsewhere. I have often brought friends to their events which I find exciting and uplifting. But most importantly, I like meeting like-minded women. South African women are a different breed. friendly, they share information, offer up ideas and advice, they want you to be successful, and they support you in the bad times and good, so it really is an honour to be a member again,” Nicky says.

How it all started

Nicky brings her wealth of experience as the editor in chief and publisher. Having helmed notable publications such as Lowveld Living Magazine, The Property Magazine, Sandton Magazine, Indwe Inflight Magazine, and contributing to Decanter Magazine, People, and House & Leisure, Nicky is on a mission to create something extraordinary.

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In her own words, “Starting my own magazine has always been my goal, and after losing my job during Covid, it was the kick in the butt I needed.” 

Nicky and her team, a tight-knit group of highly skilled and inspirational designers, sub-editors and writers, craft and showcase unique local content that reflects the heart and soul of South Africa.

“I am incredibly proud of what my team and I have achieved and hope we can continue to create great content and share it as widely as possible, while at the same time promoting this wonderful country we live in.”

Muse is not confined by borders; it spans the nation from Knysna to Pretoria, Paarl to Clarens, Durban to Sandton, and every major city in between. Thanks to its free digital offering, Muse beckons everyone to celebrate the fabulous and inspiring aspects of this beautiful country.

Balancing work and family

Beyond the glossy pages, Nicky shares a glimpse into her life, juggling the roles of an entrepreneur and a mom. 

“Personal and work-life balance is something I am still working on,” she confesses. “I have two young sons, and I have realised that life is short, so I make time to watch cricket games and do homework wherever possible. The most significant advantage of being an entrepreneur businesswoman is having your own hours. The biggest challenge of being an entrepreneur and businesswoman is never having an off button!”

Ready to be inspired? Connect with Muse on their website,, and join the conversation on social media – FB: @musemagazinesouthafrica, IG: @musemagazinesa. For direct inquiries, reach out to Nicky at or give her a call at 076 952 7761.

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