Tuesday, 30 May, 2023


Kishugu Business School ready to usher in a bright future in your further education

The matric exam results for 2022 have just been released and many students are faced with the daunting decision of what to do with the rest of their lives – especially with state universities not being able to accommodate everyone for further studies.

The realisation that a good future career will require further study does not make this decision any easier. Choosing an appropriate tertiary institution where you can obtain a recognised, accredited qualification is crucial for future career success.

The Kishugu Business School (KBS) is such an institution. The school opened its doors early in 2022 and has since been growing from strength to strength.

KBS is a Mpumalanga-based and -owned private academic institution and with its focus on four areas of study, namely business studies, accounting, law and computer studies, the school offers qualifications that will open the doors in the world of work for its students.

“Kishugu Business School focuses on students who wish to obtain a formal qualification at an accredited and recognised training institute,” says Thomas Varghese, director of the Kishugu Business School.

“This school will allow you to participate freely in the employment market and, more importantly, prepare you to become an entrepreneur and create more employment. We want to drive leadership and entrepreneurship – not just the qualification, but develop our students’ skills so they will be ready and competitive for the job market.”

The Kishugu Group is well known in the province and, with its business school, is building on a legacy of more than 30 years of making a real difference in Mpumalanga – and other provinces.

The Kishugu Group has a national footprint with four divisions: Kishugu Aviation (that does aerial firefighting), Kishugu Training (of which KBS is part),  Working on Fire that works on managing wildfires and Kishugu Fleet Solutions.

“At the business school we are proud of the quality of our lecturers. They are not just academically qualified, but have practical experience in their different fields,” says Varghese.

Kishugu Business School offers value for money, with the most expensive qualification costing only R30 000. Full and partial bursaries are also available, and some courses require only a Grade-10 or 11 as an entry requirement.

For more information, KBS can be contacted on 013 590 0494 or visited at 23 Ferreira Street, Mbombela or www.thekbs.co.za

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