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Few materials have been around for as long and are as widely used as genuine leather.

Invest in leather for a lifetime of comfort and happiness

Few materials have been around for as long and are as widely used as genuine leather.

The Comfort Company in Riverside, Nelspruit, offers an extensive range of top-quality leather furniture made of bovine leather that is entirely natural and ethically sourced.

Bovine leather is the fancy term for cowhide leather. It is durable and very popular. Around the world customers require more sustainable leathers but still want that luxurious feel and strength. The natural, authentic character of every skin is unique and you can expect unparalleled quality, comfort, strength and suppleness.

Leather is also well-known for its durability and versatility.

The Comfort Company offers bovine-leather furniture in more than 40 colour options. Furniture can also be tailor-made for customers in any colour or style.

“At the moment lighter colours, tan and dark grey are very popular,” says Sunel Grote, interior designer at The Comfort Company.

With Sunel’s help, customers can also choose cushions, carpets and curtains to personalise their leather furniture even further.

Good quality leather furniture is often a valued and cherished piece of furniture with a lifespan of many years, and can last a lifetime if well looked after.

Leather upholstery is practical, durable and easy to clean and maintain. Regular cleaning requires little more than vacuuming the exterior with the brush attachment, wiping it down thoroughly with a microfibre cloth, and occasionally applying some leather conditioner.

“We recommend Colbe Leather Conditioner, a premium-quality leather conditioner and preservative that is specially formulated to protect against ultraviolet rays that dry out, crack and discolour leather,” says Sunel. She says the product is colourless and can be used on any leather furniture. Used every six to eight weeks, it can prolong the lifespan of leather furniture significantly.

For cleaning leather furniture, she recommends Colby Clean & Care.

Sunel warns that customers are often misled when they buy leather furniture.

“Be careful when terms such as bonded leather or leather uppers are used. This means that the piece of furniture is not entirely made of high-quality leather.”

She invites everybody dreaming of perfect leather furniture to visit The Comfort Company.

“With us it is not one-size-fits-all. You will be able to choose your own design and colour and we will make it happen for you,” she says.

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