Wednesday, 20 October, 2021


Food for Life committed to fight against hunger

Food for Life has recently distributed 108 large food parcels to needy families in Pienaar, Mataffin, Kabokweni, Valencia, Nelsville and Nelspruit.

The food parcels have all the food items that a family require for approximately a month and the emphasis is always on nutritional food.

This time the food parcels were supplemented by lots of cookies and sweets as it is a special month of prayers for most of the Food for Life team members.

Food for Life is a non-profit organisation, founded by spiritual Indian teacher Acharya Srila Prabhupada with the only purpose to eradicate hunger and malnutrition in the world. His motto “No one must go hungry” still provides direction to the members of the organisation.

“The Nelspruit branch has around 35 regular team members and volunteers who dedicate their time and effort to serve our community with dignity and love and come from all backgrounds and faiths, cultures and religion,” says Mahesh Srini, executive committee member of the Nelspruit branch.

“We are part of an international organisation with around 600 branches across the world and our “food for life” programmes are considered of the world’s largest food-relief programmes, providing more than two million meals daily.”

Poverty continues to plague many disadvantaged families. It is extremely difficult for families to get any financial assistance and support. This is exacerbated by high unemployment and loss of income.

“Fortunately, our very large food parcels provide a lifeline for families affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. One must experience the outpouring of unconditional love and joy from the families to truly realise what an incredible difference we make. We are being used by God as an instrument of His will to help our brothers and sisters,” says Srini.

Srini thanked all the organisations donors for believing in them.

“As we are totally dependent on public donations to render this service and are always short on funds, we need support from the public. We have always ensured that every cent is accounted for and verified by our independent auditors. Every parcel reaches those that are in abject poverty and is signed for by the family personally,” he says.

Food for Life is registered as both a non-profit organisation (NPO 088-644) and a public-benefit organisation (PBO 930 034 685) and donors can apply for tax deductions.

Banking details: FOOD FOR LIFE, Nedbank (branch code 198-765), account number 1158 796 749.

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