Saturday, 1 April, 2023


Family-forward small business promotes overall wellness

Cape Town born artist Hayley Williams founded Aurora Rose Studio on the therapeutic experience her artwork brings her and wishes to share it with her customers.

What started as an acrylic and ceramic painting studio quickly grew to a family-run business that branched out into cement and home décor, pine furniture, and art pieces.

Originally a solo-venture, Aurora Rose Studio was born in 2020 out of the Covid-19 pandemic after Hayley and her family were hit by the tremendous loss of both her parents to the virus.

“I wanted Aurora Rose to be a dedication to their love and spirit,” says Hayley.

“We are a well-oiled machine. Every function in the business – from finance and administration, designing and creating the art pieces, to social media and marketing – is proudly Williams,” says Hayley.

As an organisational-development, process-improvement, and labour-law specialist, Hayley enjoys the transcending healing that creativity offers.

“When I paint, I feel like my soul sings and I am at peace during my creation process,” she says.

Hayley is a free-spirited nature and animal lover, and her award-winning paintings often draw inspiration from wildlife while also touching on portraits and abstract work.

With wellness products such as her Moringa powder line of capsules, oils and body butters, Aurora Rose caters to all its customers’ gifting needs.

“We believe beauty should be experienced by all and we want to provide affordable art for everyone – from small gifts to large personalised artwork.”

Like with any new small business, the first few years can be challenging and operating capital is a continuous struggle.

“Our goal is to open up our own art-deco coffee shop and set up our online store, so we know we have to keep up the hard work.”

With passion, patience and determination the Williams family plans on expanding their enterprise beyond simply selling art and broadening their horizons into providing art therapy.

“Our focus will be on teenagers where we can assist with emotional blockages, concentration, and self-confidence,” Hayley says.

One aspect that Hayley wants cemented in the business is that all aspects of the business, front to back, remain family-centred.

“I want the Aurora Rose Studio brand to be a legacy I leave behind for my two girls and family,” she says.

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