Saturday, 30 September, 2023


Eye candy on two and four wheels at Casterbridge

The Casterbridge Motorcycle Museum hosted a Car and Bike show on Saturday and visitors could feast their eyes on some very pretty metal.

“Bike displays and shows have always been a passion for me,” says Fred Viljoen, curator of the Casterbridge Bike Museum, and organiser of Saturday’s show. He has done a number of bike shows, the biggest of them being at I’langa Mall with more than 50 bikes, manufactured from 1915 and upwards.

“My motivation is building interest for people to relive their youth and to hopefully get the youth interested in classic motorbikes. Casterbridge is a nice base to have this show annually and we have permanent displays in the Classic Motorcycle Museum.

“We will host this show every year on the last Saturday of July. This year’s show has been a great success, but next year’s show will be even better,” he says.

The Lowveld Motorcycle Safety Initiative was also at the show, and spoke to visitors about motorcycle and road safety, as well as rider training.

Cars from private enthusiasts as well as from the Casterbridge Car Museum were also part of the show:

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