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Chairs of Hope project aims to provide young people with skills

Mrs Mpumalanga 2022 Juanry Crouse is back with her Chairs of Hope fundraiser at Ntali Re-Invented Décor, this time raising funds for the Steve Biko Hospital’s paediatric surgical ward in Pretoria.

Juanry will once again host an upholstery workshop in collaboration with upholstery trainer Amanda Pistorius.

“We are very excited to have this event again, especially after last year’s success,” says Juanry.

On 11 February the upholstery workshop fundraiser at Ntali Re-Invented Décor will be dedicated to building wingback chairs alongside underprivileged children to increase their skills, as well as their educational development.

“If there is one thing I would like to achieve it would be to teach our youth how to be independent. I want to equip them to make a difference in their homes, communities, and eventually the world,” Juanry says.

All chairs built on the day will be donated to the Steve Biko Hospital’s paediatric surgical ward.

“By teaching young people new skills, we give them the confidence and knowledge to take care of themselves in difficult times such as Covid-19, and other future obstacles or challenges that may occur,” says Juanry.

Juanry hopes the community will support her vision of empowering the youth of today to ensure a brighter tomorrow.

“Many young adults are stuck in horrific circumstances, satisfied with the cards they have been dealt and not knowing God has created them for so much more. They may be scared because they are not skilled enough to look after themselves, but I want to change their perspective,” says Juanry.

To sponsor an underprivileged child, contact Juanry on 083 705 6877 or send an e-mail to

“I would like to ignite the hope in the hearts of children, and offer them the opportunity to gain ample knowledge in different areas of life. I want them to be educated and skilled, and ready for whatever the world may throw their way,” says Juanry.

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