Wednesday, 20 October, 2021


BMW’s Big Boxer takes the fight to Harley

BMW has taken the next step in product development of their R18 Big Boxer, and this time it is very clear what market is being targeted with their new BMW R18 Bagger & BMW R18 Transcontinental.

The R18 B is a “bagger”, a specific type of big cruiser that is very popular in the US. BMW Motorrad describes the Bagger as “rider’s machine” that delivers emotional riding pleasure and is “ideal for cool touring and cruising”.

The R18 Transcontinental is more of a luxurious cruiser that would be more comfortable for a rider and pillion who want to take on the open roads. It has a higher windshield, wind deflectors and flaps, an additional headlamp, Marshall sound system and a topbox.

Power is from the biggest boxer engine yet, that already does duty in the R18 and R18 Classic. This twin-cylinder delivers 67kW (at 4 750rpm) and a stump-pulling 158Nm of torque (at 3 000rpm).

It is unclear when these two stunners will be available on the local market, but we would predict probably around the fourth quarter of this year. There is no indication of pricing yet.

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